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Gmail is at the top of the list from many years. There are so many enhanced features which are very helpful for the user. It includes built-in support for LISTSERVs, which are mailing lists. Also, a user can name the group while composing an email. The feature of grouping mail is created for small, personal mailing lists.

Follow the instructions to create a LISTSERV on Gmail Account:

1. Turn on your laptop, connect it to the internet and then open your favourite browser.

2. Now, visit for Gmail web page and select “Contacts” at the left side of the Gmail page.


3. Once this is done, select New Group at the left side of the contacts list, type a name for your mailing list and hit Enter key.

4. Select the name of your mailing list at the left side of the contacts menu.

5. Next, select the “Add to [Group Name] option at the top of the contacts pane, type a comma-separated list of the email Ids you wish on your mailing list and press Enter key.

6. Go to Mail option on the left side of the window and select “Compose Mail”.

7. Now, type the name of your mailing list group into the “To” box and select “[Group Name] (Group)” in the drop-down list. Gmail automatically adds each email id to the group as a recipient.


8. Compose a message normally, filling out the subject and body, and then click on Send to send the email to every email id on your mailing list.

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